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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bucket loads

Of news been real busy and all good stuff Sall Spit Fire had her babies 4 girls and 2 boys all safe and happy....Sall is such a great Mother and I am so relieved as these were born early so didn't get time to worry about it....And only just had some wonderful pic's come through of Sall all settled as manage to lose the last lot and I know I didn't delete the email but Simon is in denial LOL anyway a few here to look at and will put her new babies on her page but well done Johan and Maria for coping


regina said...

Great news! Congratulations with the new arrival. I have noticed that your girls usually have more boys than girls so it's nice to see that this time it was different :) Good luck to mom and the babies. Will be waiting for the pics.

Tropla said...

yep she leaves me and has 4 girls LOL
just the luck of the drawer I think and also isn't it the sire who dictates the sex, Tag's siblings were 3 of each but who knows as long as all are healthy
Sure there will be loads of pic's and I to look forward to seeing them develop

regina said...


I have heard that the babies' sex depends on the mating day - if mated sooner there will probably be more girls and if later - more boys.


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