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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting really carried away now

Last post as its late and still have Luna's pups to go on but anyway news is all safely left for there new homes and we need to go and live in Norway I think so much healthier LOL and very good company
Other news Tag did a repeat mating before he left for France now the pup's from the previous litter are on here and they were really smashing just one bitch in the litter last year and what a stunner she has turned out to be and the dogs were really smart as well and I am still looking for updates about them.... so I will be looking hard myself at this litter when they arrive in 3 weeks
Pic is of her and the gang Angela and her Mum both have Staffords so they all often go out together Roo short for Kangaroo she second in on the right and she is very nice have to say

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