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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Might have to

to resize some pic's as some of the pic's are being chopped off...But anyway final news before I wrap up for the night Bertie I would of assumed by now has mated Molly his life long companion Bertie is Ch Alport Fire Cracker and our Nell Wildstaff Miss-Chief and Molly is by Miekes My Boy Hemi out of our Nell also so a half brother half sister mating...Molly is 3 and half now so wise not to leave it any longer and she is a real pretty girl so must ask her owners for some pic's...It was suggested whilst Molly has the babes that Bertie comes and stays with us for a spell, toughen him up a bit living with his Mum LOL plus I may get him out to a couple of shows as he is to good to waste.....So with all this happening and two litters on the way from our dogs we ourselves will not breed this year as we are undecided on plans for puppies I don't want to breed just because we can and to be honest though Simon had the all clear one should never tempt fate so I will blame the MS consultant for saying it but Simon though he is a tough old Bean has had MS symptoms of late much to his frustration so very unpredictable at the moment...My job is keeping us in the black and I have less time so it wouldn't be fair to think about rearing puppies, I had even looked at another favoured breed that I have liked for some time but again I seem to be working more and more and I always said if I cant do the dogs properly then I wouldn't do them at all so on reflection we will just take a break from the show world and see what happens....Simon really needs a holiday as he hasn't been any where since 2005 and even if its a few days in the Lake district its a beautiful place so will be good for the soul...But at the moment we need to wait as Simon needs to be better than he is as no point if he isn't up to walking in the country and Yes I hate the not knowing whats around the corner but I just need time to adjust

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