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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bertie went home

I love having Bertie here as he is such a sop and a real ladies dog, hangs on my every word and follows me everywhere, gives me more attention than I get from the human family members LOL..  But before we took him home took a couple of pic's of him...I had had him here to show but couldn't go so offered to take him home and its a good trek have to say, now I am very impulsive and always have been so when we got to Berties I met his and Molly's daughter puppy , Molly is just stunning reminded very much of Alport Miss-Isle her Granny and the puppy well what can I say .....She just had to come home with us and it just about sums up what we are like and on the way back we had said we had both been thinking the same as in what a lovely baby and how lucky will somebody be to get her...So a couple of days in and we think she is a Rosy and seems to suit her...She has been marvelous and Tilly is in love and another new friend to play with, noticed today Nell was licking her ears so that's usually when she has accepted a new member of the family, thought Nell was a bit down as her hormones must be running riot and read some where that every season a bitch has she goes into pregnant mode, she has made milk but is looking a bit less podgy so will see how she goes. Not sure if we will try again or knock it on the head as we have been very lucky with Nell so for her to miss came as a bit of a shock but then again we wouldn't of bought Puppy Rosy home if Nell was in whelp
Will get some pic's of Rosy this week some time





jellybean said...

Bertie is a handsome dude :-) .... A new baby ! I need to come and have Rosy snuggles...

Tropla said...

Yes you will have to pop round, good luck on Sunday, I'm working again


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