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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Bear

Now a week today since we met up and bought him home and having had Bertie here as well in the past I am amazed how accepting these dogs are it usually takes a few days for them to settle to your routine but they do and a week on they are truly part of the family...Means I am walking more again as I wouldn't risk walking 4 together so I swap and change who I take out in couples and it works quite nicely ....Going through towels like I don't know what as its so wet and dirty at the moment so its a big rub down when we get back...Not sure how I am going approach re-homing him but free has no value and the rescues and the **psca ( I am not advertising their name on my blog as I hate them ) but they charge a fee and if I do sell him as such its not my money anyway as it will go to his owners who bought from us as a pup....I wouldn't of been able to do this if we had Tag here but I have always said if we can help we will.



jellybean said...

Big Bear certainly suits him... Nice to see I'm not the only mad person stacking dogs on the pavement LOL

Tropla said...

LOL Busy places so they behave supposedly


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