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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Not going to hark on it but have to write something...We have my Dad's funeral on Wednesday and it kind of makes you reflect as families go and fair to say our's sucks...Have a German side that we don't know as after my Oma and Opa (Grandma & Grandad) died we never went over again.. So one remaining uncle and lots of cousins that we haven't seen for years..
Here we have two Uncles, brothers to my Dad and last time we saw them was a funeral and from all that side one Aunty keeps in touch Betty who I know values family meaning
My Dad well the last time he was my Dad I was 11 years old and then maybe a handful of times after, last time he saw Dean he was 3 years old and I'm supposed to remember the nice things but I cant...Do people have regrets I'm sure they do and I do remember him coming to my brothers funeral and he looked pretty cut up but it wasn't enough for him to remain in touch... Its been hard on my other brother over the years as it was just Mum and us, he didn't have children himself and I feel certain he would of made a great Dad but it wasn't to be...I think after years of not being sure he has finally settled and I know this has thrown him some as he does like to make out to be a hard shit but he isn't really  ..We get on better now than we did when we were young and enjoy a good laugh as a family
I feel for our Dad's wife as she spent more years with him and when he became ill back in 2000 she spent the next 10 years visiting a man that sometimes recognized her briefly and I have to say in 2006 when Simon was so poorly I was so disappointed to find out my Dad would never know that I could of done with his support then, as he was out of it by time. Bit selfish of me but I wanted him to be there for us
Simon's side isn't much better his Mum died when he was 13 and he and his twin sisters and an older sister were reared by a real hard character of a Grandma who took no grief from anyone and I still love to hear the stories about her...His Dad remarried and then some years later she died as well plus Simon's sister died so I always felt for Simon's Dad and he was here today for his lunch and he is such a lovely man and easy to please and never never passes judgment so after all these years I think he likes me LOL but he has never said anything to give me any ideas of what he thinks bless him...We get on really well with his sister and she has the 4 kids but we should make the effort to see each other more than we do.
The one person who needs the link is Dean as he calls Simon's Dad Grandad and its the only one he has had and only one Grandma also ...So on Wednesday at least Dean will fill in some history and meet family as most are coming including cousins and I hope he can find something good out of it even though it isn't a happy occasion

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