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Friday, August 13, 2010

A few pages to go through

Have done a lot tonight/morning especially on this blog ...I have probably missed some things so will have to double check...Will be posting our Australian girl over the weekend and her sisters have settled well...Thankfully they not backward at coming forward as this lady has a long trip ahead of her to Luke and his family
Jane and Ed who have Raif took Inka and she has kept them on their toes LOL and like wise Rose now living in Cornwall who sounds a little Madam but will update with pic's
Tilly is in fine fettle and looks pretty amazing for saying she has had the pup's and I really didn't know I had them this time.

Collecting pic's of Bea's litter now so will be posting them shortly, saw the boy who went close to home and he looks really smart Archie and time has just flown
have other news on the horizon but will announce that in a week or so

The funeral thankfully went well and was so nice to catch up with the family and some I haven't seen for many years...It was also nice to meet the other side and the grandson Danial did a fine job with the reading and I'm really pleased as it was more his place than our Dean's...Maybe we might all meet up again but for a happier occasion

And last but not least as seen the blog has changed and designed by Dean and Angela, their are several layers so not an easy task but I am very pleased with it and its really nice that they decided to do this as a surprise for me.
So many many thanks you 2 XXXX

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