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Monday, August 16, 2010

Show News

Sandstaff had a great weekend in Norway and Zorro is on a roll with CC's galore it seems ..2 shows 2 CC's  2 BOB and 1st in group and  Norwegian Winner 2010 Holy Moly that's some going ...Johan is going to be busy I think and he has to decide on a new boyfriend for Sall for Oct and I'm as good as him and cant pin it down.
Will announce now and get it out of the way, Nell last had a litter 19 months ago, and we took her to a Ch dog last year but she wasn't in pup so we thought well that's it then we will knock it on the head, it wasn't an ideal situation anyway with the mating done so as we got to this year and she should of whelped in Feb we still thought we will retire her ...But a few weeks ago well nearly 9 weeks ago to be precise we thought we would give her a try and here we are...Very flippant matter of fact, like no thought went into it and if that's what folk want to think that's fine...Gone are the days where we try to justify our actions.
So Nell is very pregnant to Jajca's Challenger a very standard boy with a fabulous temperament to match and I'm starting to look forward to it now.
We will get some stick for being puppy peddlers, little do they know but what ever ....But we will then be chilling for a couple of years as far as breeding is concerned as I do believe your edge burns its course and we don't think we need to achieve anything more as its been fantastic anyway..Just happy in the knowledge that we have put out some nice dogs and folk are getting pleasure from them...Will still look forward to seeing how well they do and still will do a bit of showing here but we are doing other stuff as well

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