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Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is OMG news

Just a quickie really and jammy I say not as this is quite scary .....We had the pup's all born within 2 hours ...Nell I think may of waited for me to come home as she and us had a restless night before and then me on an all day course which happened to be very physical ....So was starting to flag and all just took off as soon as I got home really...7 born within an hour and then a further 3 more and both Simon and myself were saying she cant be having another and another came....So 37 hours later we still have 5 boys and 5 girls ...I'm on a fishing chair/bed kindly bought over by Ozzy's folk bless them and its quite comfortable...
All we can do now is see how it goes and for saying we are retiring from the breeding this is ridiculous and I don't even want to envisage the pooh picking up if they all survive ...Well some will get a laugh out of it I guess.
Nell seems very relaxed about it all and I'm at the vets on Tuesday so will be pick their brains, we have her on calcium but may need the proper stuff and may need to replace some of her milk in a week or so but this is not what we are used to so it will be a another lesson learned ....


regina said...

Wow, Debbie! Congratulations with a big litter and best luck to mom and you taking care of the little ones.

tropla said...

Asked about that today at the vets and if its all going well not to mess with Mum and the pup's to much
Nell has always given what we call gold top which is a terrific milk flow so puppies always fat healthy
So fingers crossed


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