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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mrs Crazy again

Just want to high light that I made claims to a change is coming and then we have Egypt in the news this week.
Their is book called Synthetic Terrorists and its a bit heavy going, not sure when it was written as haven't got it at hand but it makes for some interesting reading...One of the chapters covers the present president of the USA coming to power, and I'm just recalling this now so its not word for word but it states the advice offered to him is don't go to war with Iran as basically the USA cant afford to. But it states let the Russians go to war with Iran instead....War games, hey. And what did we have plastered all over the news a couple of weeks ago a bombing taking place in Russia. Well I have great faith in the Russians as they are not easily manipulated and we can all say thank God for that.
And did anyone question why Charles and Camilla drove through the student protests, did anyone think What the hell is going off here...Come on get with it folk it was done deliberately to make the students look bad, and a nasty shock for our royalty as it was a bit more than they expected...LOL You've just seen Egypt government officials send there own men amongst the demonstrators do you not think we don't do it as well.
Well another little snippet to think about why we all lose ourselves in our own little worlds. And lets be fair until it effects us personally why should we pay attention to what the rest of the world is doing but I will keep adding a bit here and there even if no one is interested

Anyway onto Dog reports ....Went to the East Mid's Limit show but ended up getting a lift as Hubby had forgot he had made other arrangements LOL for real this time as going to shows are not the most exciting events for him. But I didn't take our Mutts so I showed Raif baby and Inka bless her.
Ruger was there  and it was really well supported so its nice that people are making an effort when we are all trying to conserve expense as well..
So here are some pic's
Raif to the right with me and next to Raif is Nell's brother's son Pitstar Romper Stomper ( What a Name LOL)

And to the left Ruger Alport Locknload

And Raif on the mat
And Ruger on the mat

And finally with lots of joy little Inka won MPB aawwww
And best bitch went to Longdrive Ebony and Ivory with Sandra Yayyy

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