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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just quick updates

Little girlie has gone to her new home and I'm really chuffed as she was such a pleasure but Mard Arse brother remains temporary, he's a bit of a Whuzz so I need to do some one to one with him and now with his sister gone I can concentrate on him more as he hasn't got her to back him up, he started today by coming upstairs as its new and scary and after 10 minutes he had got it and was tazzing under our bed as all exciting stuff for puppies....But he will be fine but not used to any of ours being a bit unsure so will not be happy till I know he has the character befitting of a Stafford
Sall will be mated on Friday and will remain for a further 3 weeks till we can assume she is safely in pup and then she will be off to Sweden to begin her new life, quite weird but I'm kind of comfortable with it now, the choosing of the stud boy has been an experience as we have our own somewhat strong ideas and her new owner has his LOL but a mutual agreement has been found and it will be interesting to see the outcome, the nice thing being I will still feel part of it and will be like an expectant Granny waiting for the birth, she looks real nice at the moment as well.....Poor Tag he so loves his Sally and is having to be kept away and even seeing her through the Dog gate is to much but that might be because Sall Tart is pushing her Flusie through the gate at him and today Till also came in season as well and chances are Nell might follow..
Finally started to look at some show schedules as it seems to have been all work and no play but I'm off to ESPANA BARCELONA next week to see Buffy and attend a show on the Saturday so I'm getting all excited about it, I have arranged all the travel myself and feel quite proud of the fact as weighed up the pro's and con's well more the cost actually being the Tight Cow that I am and I have it all tightly meeting a time table and it is a case of Planes, Trains and Automobiles and with the Film springing to mind I have allowed plenty of time between LOL
Simon is staying here and is also off for the week and will be painting/spraying his van as he was sign writer I wondered if we should have Alport Staffords on it followed by Nearly top breeder in 2006 missing out by 2 points LOL ahhh well
Thought I might mention and no connection to dogs but as I work in a Nursing home some things seem so sad sometimes that they play on your mind and maybe not so sad as seeing a 17 year old die from a brain tumour or losing your 18 year old brother to a drunk driver or even watching your husband trapped in a very sick body but still sad, one of my ladies of 95 years young and very sound of mind recently became ill usual signs are a cellulitis which means a huge course of anti-biotics and this lady never takes drugs....Whilst I was off she had been refusing food so I had a heart to heart with her and she said she was ready to depart from this world and her son had visited and was upset with her and demanded the Doctor prescribe anti-depressants, I stated it was the hardest part of the job to see a wonderful brain trapped in an old worn out body and all control lost to others who will keep her alive and though I have no reason whats so ever to have a faith in a God that has a book written about sticks turning into snakes and follow my path and be saved.. I did say to her believe this is what you want and it can be controlled within...I do wonder

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