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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lots of News

Came back from Spain last Monday and straight into work, no rest for the wicked as they say and I seem to work harder now than I have ever done so I am looking at some ideas of making money without killing myself.....If I find it works I will let no one know how I did it LOL
Spain was great Barcelona is beautiful and the weird church is amazing cant remember the name of it will have to chase Buffy's folk up about it and the Market was food heaven I have never seen such fresh fish and some of it alive, wasn't so keen on the stripped sheep heads they had on the meat counters they looked like something out of the X files and the fruit stalls were wonderful they peak a pile of fruit and there just seemed to be loads of colours and more choice than we ever see in Britain...I would definitely like to go again and spend more time looking around....We travelled early Saturday morning to a show only 6 hours of driving and I consider 3 and half hours a long journey. But going through the mountains.. LOL by the way my good hosts Jessica and Siquem he say Montains which I found very amusing but we drove into proper snow it was freezing so whilst I was in Spain we had that and rain thought I was back home...
The show was very good and the quality of the dogs was excellent and I saw some that I would be very happy to have at home so I was surprised as I thought they would regard my own breeding as being to fine but they wouldn't look out of place in a show over there as much the same really...Buffy had puppies 12 weeks ago so I had the chance to meet them and really gorgeous there dog Angel pronounced Oncal is the Dad and I was informed that most Angels were males anyway which is right but somehow it changed over here from putting the fairy on top of the Christmas tree as I know as my Mum still has one from the 60's and she is definitely a fairy to female Angels or at least they look like female Angels....Going astray there a bit LOL but anyway Buffy got the RCC in the bitch open so very good and Angel is off to America to live on the 22nd of this month with his new owner Zane Smith big name in the States in the show world over there so it will be lovely to see how he does...
We stayed at a Hotel the Saturday night and then travelled back next day only for Jessica to have a real bad cold and sore throat and with her expecting in Sept only an odd pain killer to help, I travelled back on Monday so worked it out and I had done over 27 hours of travelling but I did enjoy it

Puppy boy left just before I went off and not to far away neither so will get to see him and his sister only down the road as such plus Ruger we have a May day gala where we live and they have a little dog show so might try and get the three pup's together for a photo shoot but very pleased as we had struggled a bit this time 8 pup's is a lot and needed a special home for little undershot girlie and they are so in awe of her character as just so bright and loving and Flints folk are taking him to a handling class so he is doing really well....But will drop a few emails to the litter people and get some updates...

Believe Raif is coming and have asked Berties folk plus us with Tilly and Tag left Bea as she was going through the aftermath of a season but I think now she has turned the corner and is looking real nice some bitches go through a manky stage after there 1st couple of seasons they go thinned coat and blobby as I say its the hormone rush and they just need to settle, have a couple of Champ shows lined up for her so a relief she is finally starting to look the part as she is such a lovely bitch but I would rather show one in good nik as the cost is to great not to... I never rush to get out there and I am happy to bide my time and wait for them to bloom and ours are usually slow on the maturing side anyway

Ohhhh time is catching up now and have nearly got everything together for her going to Sweden we mated her as well to Ch Stormbull So Wot so fingers crossed she is coming up to 3 weeks and goes at nearly 4 weeks so she should be settled, we will take her to Heathrow and get her there for about 6.30 am or after she flys around 9.00 am so by 12 mid day she will be on Swedish ground... I have had plenty of time to get used to the idea I hope but just writing it makes my stomach flip a bit even though there are some who think there must be some big money involved and how heartless I must be for letting her go and I am saying all this for show....... well Bollocks to you, you know nothing and I have absolutely no guilt trips knowing what I know is right
On that note I will go to bed more gardening to do tomorrow and in work for 3 days next week 2 off and 2 on plus my Mum's birthday coming up the old Heifer her so want to take a little trip out


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time in Spain. Barcelona is gorgeous. Is the church the Sagrada Familia?

I hope Sal's trip goes well, I'm sure she will settle great in her new home and have gorgeous babies.

Great news that the pups got homes and that you are going to see alot of them, would love to see updates on how they are growing.

Tropla said...

Thanks yep loved Spain and i am writing that name of the church down if it is I will post pic's of it
I have some pic's through of the pups so will post on here, really chuffed with them

Dawny said...

looking forward to you showing Bea :-)
I know you'll find letting Sal go hard but it is for the best for her and you and everyone humans and doggies alike.

Jane said...

Debbie, please ignore any twats that have said anything to you about moving Sally on. Remember what I said about my 2 JRs. They were impossible to live with, house was a blood bath several times. Phoned your house today. Would like to see Sally before she goes to Sweden and have a chat about other things.

Tropla said...

Hi Jane
I'm off now for a couple of days but have the passport to do and Mum's prezzy to fetch but if its not to bad for you how about Sunday morning around 11-ish as not sure yet if will be at the vets Friday or Saturday morning....Let me know and its only one person who emails every now and then sticking is bloody nose in where its not appreciated makes all these statements oh how bloody perfect he is and because we are breeders we are with the rest of the scum show world which is strange because he wants a British well bred SBT puppy, I hate hypocrites don't you

Jane said...

Sorry Debbie can't make Sunday. We are taking Raefy boy to Manchester Sporting Terrier Club Show. Wish us luck! At handling class on Monday he was a star, strutted his stuff beautifully. Ed was given the trophy for most improved handler!!! Yippee! Several people made very nice comments about Raef, which is much appreciated.

Tropla said...

Hi Jane what about Saturday at 12 as have arranged the vets now Sat morning at 10 so should be around then as go to Mum's tomorrow night
yes got an E off Jane with Ruger she said Ed and Raif got it....Bet you were well chuffed

Jane said...

Yes, can do Saturday at 12. See you then. x

Tropla said...

OK see you Sat and I will catch you for the report on your Sunday show


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