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Monday, April 20, 2009

Time for latest puppy pic's

I was delighted to see how they are doing and must chase up for photos of the others...Now the thing is with photo's is if they aren't very clear I cant put them on here I'm working on, well that's a lie I'm asking my good lady friend Dawn if possible to load pic's any bigger but in the mean time if they are double clicked you can see them bigger
So here are 3 of the pups


Anonymous said...

All three are gorgeous!! I have to say Sassy is stunning.

Tropla said...

Have to say we were very lucky to have such a nice litter once again and you were right about the name of the church, its designer/builder must of suffered with obsessional behavior syndrome LOL poor soul

Dawny said...

they're lovey Deb :-)

regina said...

Lovely babies!

Tropla said...

They were and hopefully will be super adults Thanks


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