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Friday, May 8, 2009

Bit of a catch up

Been going through some old photos so just in the process of scanning them and will up load as have found some of Classic Find Mother to Spit Fire, Fire Cracker and Tour De Force also some of Nettlestaff Mustang Sally and Co

News wise Sall safely landed in Sweden but its taken me a couple of weeks to get used to the idea so haven't felt up to broadcasting it and I'm not going to make a big deal about it because if I do folk will think its false so will keep those feelings private but I will say I am relieved, I could of let go of her before but I guess its fair to say it was easy to cop out of it as well so believe it or not its taken a long time for me to finally say YES and I did start to regard that selfish on my behalf and now I am just so pleased that Sall has completely betrayed us and is very happy in her new home and I have posted some pic's right from her 1st day on Swedish soil....Home wise its been strange as we took the kitchen door stair gate down and we left the posh one on my sitting room door and we just prop that open so Tag, Nell and Tilly can come and go as they please and where do they like best our bed of course or all piled on the sofa so no room for me LOL
Tend to think also its done Tilly a power of good as she seems very calm and has suddenly grown up.
We did the East Mids SBTC open show last Sunday and was really chuffed as Tag won his class now granted there were only 2 in it but I believe the dog that we were up against has been doing well so we could of been 2nd to him... Tag was really good and did a good show, how can I explain I run hot and cold with Tag as a dog at home I absolutely adore him and he is so like his Dad in many ways that's it not difficult to gain pleasure in watching him bounce around the garden goading you with his plant pot or the fact we bought him a new Boomer ball but not as big as it should be as he can pick the Bugger up after half an hour of owning it but Tag showing I just think he isn't a show boy nothing wrong with him and to me he is perfectly balanced for what he is but you just know he isn't keen so he doesn't do himself any favours and if he just stood like he does at home I reckon he could go all the way but it doesn't really matter..... Now Tilly on the other hand my has she started to bloom this last week even just had her 2nd season and is just shaping up lovely the most gorgeous little head on her and so correct small as she might be she looks good enough in the ring and a real pleasure to show and you just know when its going to get better so I'm quite confident about trying a few with her as I think she may well do well anyway she got 2nd and one of the biggest classes on the day so good for us I thought....
Also it was great to see Raif as we walked in taking 1st in puppy dog he's starting to be a real head turner now as in fact I went to the Loo at the show and coming back out into the main area I spotted this very nice dog and then realised it was Raif and more thrilling for me anyway is he spots me as well and gives me that look and gets all waggy tailed some of our pup's do that its like they remember you and its lovely..
So am posting some pic's in Sall's section of Raif and Abba plus Dexter is at a show this weekend in Sweden so should get some pic's through so they are all Sall's and Tag's kids

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