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Monday, May 18, 2009

Daisy sister to Raif, Dexter and Abba

Daisy lives in the Shetland Islands so an epic journey to come to the main land but she came over last weekend to SKC champ show and got 3rd in puppy bitch so qaulified for Crufts.....We think she looks like her Aunty Nell and just wonder if she is like her in temperament as well, full on in your face but extremely loyal
Well chuffed for her owners as must cost them a bomb to do shows


staffsville said...

was an epic journey,14 hours on the ferry and a 4 hour car ride,expense worth every penny as daisy qualified,will be making the journey south again in august to the north of scotland and the skc,hopefully our beautifull girl will do us all proud,all the best from all at staffsville

Tropla said...

It was wonderful to get the pic of Daisy and I look forward to many more and meeting up with you as will try for one of the shows
Keep up the good work


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