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Thursday, July 2, 2009


OK these gentlemen bar the hairy one in the cap as that's good old Jim Kincla and for those who buy the SBT annuals they will recognize his famous cap LOL...these are our French friends who will be acting as pimps for Tag LOL as Tag will be going to France to stay with Babtiste on the left at the end of July and he will be there till next year learning the art of romance, speaking French and doing obedience we think, they live in a beautiful part right near the mountains and Tag is going to have a fantastic time and though it will be weird to not have him at home with us I'm kind of excited to see how Tag will train under Babtiste as we think he is switched on big time...But we will be putting loads of updates on here of his progress and lots of pic's on his schooling.... And yes I did chop myself off the photo as its a nice photo LOL

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