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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Horrible and Sticky

Good old British weather all or nothing and if we make a full week of just pleasant sunshine would be nice.....Instead of sticky drippy weather and I'm sitting here with the fan blowing and its very nice... Took the mutts to the water tonight and they had a good splash about and then we continued on the walk and the time we got home they were dry...Doors and windows wide open and all the bugs flying in and have to watch out for those Mozzies as well as they love my ankles... Earlier Tilly came flying in barking her head off and the hackles up all the way down her back and then she went back to the door way and was growling so had a look and we had a big Hedgehog sitting there...Thought I would shut the door for a while to let it go off in peace and let the dogs out later for a pee all were sniffing where it had sat and Tag was off on the scent, I just figured the poor thing will be well gone by now next minute the poor bloody Hedgehog is back to where it started as Tag had got in his mouth and then dropped it. I couldn't believe it and its one of the biggest I have seen so how he manages to get it his mouth I don't know and its not the first time he has bought one up from the garden, its probably the same one but I checked 10 mins ago and its gone again and No I wont let the dogs out again LOL

Well I have stacks of pic's again and I've not been on for a while as was a bit down with Simon taking Ill thankfully not the MS but he still had 5 weeks at home and I got finished from my job well there was bit more to it than that but take no shit me LOL and always have to say if its a wrong its wrong and when it comes to safety of staff and residents plus proper training needing to be put in place sooner or later I'm going to blow a gasket.. So it was a case of "Your the worse kind of boss to work for as you are driven by how much and nothing else" and few other words and a "Up yours" kind of thing but No I wasn't sacked and I could of gone back but I never go back and was seeing to much of lack of care which is pretty amazing as its a care home..
But found another little job to tie me over and have signed up for more training and the best part being I will be a temp cover so I wont be there long enough in a place to find out all the nitty gritty which suits me plus a much better salary and I need it as have far to much to do at home. And with Simon being ill we kind of lost two years so need to catch up
So will post pic's here and there

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