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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting there

I have been sorting the 3000 odd pic's I have and loading them onto slide shows some of which I will put on here....The pup's in Sweden are looking wonderful and have some more pics to add to Sall's page, Sall is doing great and is getting back into shape with the dedication of Johan and Maria as I think she maybe entered at her 1st swedish show shortly
Tag gone for a whole month now and its seems longer and boy I miss his snogs as Tag has his way and is such a character which I am sure by now Baptiste and Vincent are discovering...I cant believe how chilled Tag looks doing all these new wonderful things and canoeing is something which I find amazing and also standing in a field of Cows without a care in the world, no Cows here back home so i was a bit hesitant but Tag being Tag has taken it all in his stride and here he is

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