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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tag and Bonnie babies

Not sure on my new up loading of Pic's will have to have a chat to see how I can set these out better and bigger but you can double click them for the bigger pic . But anyways Bonnie was Tag's French girlfriend and here they are the 5 of them and still not sure how many of each there were and though I say it each time as all related puppies are just beautiful in my eyes. But they are gorgeous
I await for some more pic's of Tag's sister Luna and her 7 lovely babies and have one or two pics to update with but wrote enough tonight as I can only do a bit at a time because of my wonky finger and that's after piling on the Voltarol pain-eze but Nell snatched it a bit tonight on the walk so its really hurting me and one day I will get to the doctors about it


dawny said...

Awww they're so cute

jellybean said...

They all look lovely, can I have the 1 in the first photo please.. As long as it doesn't turn out as naughty as uncle Ruger lol

Tropla said...

LOL as long as you are prepared to go and fetch No1 from France, how is he still terrier fronted LOL not got over that one....Waiting for the other write up for him

jellybean said...

Will have to sort you some pics in the next couple of days...yes, hopefully be an interesting read

Tropla said...

Yes need pic's of your collars and will get Simon to take one of Tilly in hers as a Stafford collar hand made with bling incorporated is unique and people need to know how clever you are
Good luck with the reading up LOL


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