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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tag Landed in France

I don't feel its been that long but looking at the last updates it has been...Tag and Vincent left for France on the 24th July and what a hell of a journey it turned out to be, the kids had broke up from School over here and a wave of traffic headed down south...So a three hour journey to Dover turned into five hours and the sea wasn't much kinder with a very turbulent  crossing and a bit of a worry for Vincent as all drivers have to leave their cars so he hoped Tag was ok....Tag wasnt a happy boy left in a crate and being rocked all over the place he was all shakey and not sure at all so Vincent had him in the front seat with him and they had a stop over for a sleep after a stretch of the legs....The journey continues to Grenoble and what is usually an eight hour drive nearly became eleven hours, how Vincent managed it I don't know. And the only thing I could do to contribute was to wake what seemed every hour through the night and then jumped on the PC Saturday morning waiting for word that they had arrived safely and it was a long enough day for me just sitting around. Finally it was around 2.00 pm and they had got home, my God must of took Vincent a week to recover
So the idea now is to start a Tag Diary and I have stacks of pic's to load  from his French girlfriend Bonnie and her arrival of pup's from Tag, to his introduction to the amazing countryside of his new home for the next ten months.....We so look forward to seeing if Tag can do some training under Baptiste as this is his skill and I can't imagine for one minute Tag reaching the high standard of Saba his Belgian Malinois who competes in the world championship and this is where I dare not write any more as this competition is all graded and I know nothing about it other than Saba is pretty awesome....The good news is Tag is pretty focused on playing so this has an advantage so we will see how it goes

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