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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Got some new pic's of Tilly

She does take a lovely pic have to say, I didn't mess her with her and have another awesome one of her but it has to be photo shopped  as my skirt blew in the way but can be fixed.. Nearly 18 months of age now we think she is a nice blend of her parents, she has qualified for crufts but we plan to go as spectators for 2010, in fairness we haven't shown her that much but we may do a bit more with her next year...As this year goes she is out with Aunty Terri for a few.... She's a complete pleasure to own now and say that because she was a bit fruit cake but now days is more chilled than ever and as long as she gets out for her walks she is happy as Larry....I do have the paper work for her becoming a PAT dog as she is so gentle and with her being on the smaller side weighing in at around 28 lbs (12.73 Kg) so you don't feel her if she puts her paws on you and I think around about now is ideal as she is more tuned to commands and that little more grown up.... I did think I might do some obedience with her so we could have a go at agility as she is super nimble and very fast so all this before we think about breeding her as don't want to rush into it....Have put her other photo's in her link

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