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Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm feeling uplifted

I have had my hair done so the grey is gone again LOL and a mad women always feels better when her hair is done, I'm enjoying my job and Simon is much better this last couple of weeks, the kitchen is coming together slowly and it will be awesome when its done and then we can rip out the bathroom and start again, I want one of those big showers with jets but we will see if we can pick up a deal some where....Dean our son passed his driving test so Dad needs to get that engine back in his car for him amongst all the other stuff we have on...And finally I'm elated with the way things are going with the dogs as well and think we are very fortunate to see such great gang of Mutts but always striving for improvement, think we may of chose suitable studs as have looked at the pros and cons of so called scatter breeding and to be matter of fact we got 2 champions from such and so have others so for line breeding you have to make sure you have a couple of lines going in the 1st place which is what we have achieved of late and then tie them in as to if we will continue this form of breeding is uncertain, I have always followed gut feeling rather than weighing up all the finer details and if your inclined to do that you can easily talk yourself out of using a dog as apposed to using him, no dog is perfect and to much enthuses is based on the look of a dog and a lot of the time that dog will give you nothing that resembles his stature, there are very few stud dogs that replicate themselves or offer a certain look that you identify with his off spring I can think of 3 maybe and thats it ...Best bet has to be your bitch that you want to breed from and if your looking for to much improvement then dont breed from her as no dog is capable of performing miracles.... 

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