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Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Time No Do

I never tire of the dogs but I do so tire of some of the people in dogs that's for sure and one in particular. I'm all up for debate but if it dare not be questioned then whats the point..As virtues go health should be paramount then temperament and finally balance and I personally aim for all 3 and if people try to con us and say we have always bred for that then I would say we are all liars as when with anything you have to learn by your mistakes and you have to learn what becomes important and if after 20 years you feel these are the things that are important you never go back or falter on your efforts. I have always stated healthy happy dogs are our aim and if they are good lookers and they do well in the ring its a bonus. We are not really trying to breed our next Champion but just to breed what we feel are the Staffords we have come to appreciate... That said I did manage to get to another Champ show and had a great day but for me it isnt the be all of owning this breed but to keep my fingers in the pie and enjoy watching and seeing new dogs keeps the buzz going.
So have a bucket load of pic's to post and also my trip to Norway was amazing and I just love where my good friends live now as its so exhilarating and the new house was stunning with views to the mountains all round, what a life and Diablo and Luna looked fit as fit can be but have a few pic's to load but very much enjoyed my stay.
Tag front have pic's of his babes here and some awesome ones of him also....Sall front have pic's of her girls and boys growing and very pleased to see they looking lovely
Will tease a bit with a pic of the new chosen stud boy and here he is LOL Our kind of boy this one

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