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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blogs for the conceited

Yeah why not plus its free....If its conceited to post the dogs we bred and owned by their pet names rather than their show status names and write about shit that doesn't appeal to some who cares...
A New Year so I'm putting this one to bed as I really enjoy doing my thing and don't need the irritation of who's who and why some need to comply to the whims of the dogdom ladder of success....The thing I have noticed over the years is the higher you climb the more quiet you have to become and by that I mean you no longer give your opinion as its not political to do so and worse your opinion or true feelings have to be locked away....You go along with the morals of well its ok for such and such no matter if its wrong, and you even give an excuse to those who step on the top rungs of the ladder


But as I don't need the dizzy heights thank *uck I can remain true to myself and not try to please those who I don't even know that well anyway, funny how they can judge you though !
So him and myself lets get it out in the open, he hates me "that's fine" and he has some influence but influence over what I have to ask as don't see it really...
Verbal agreement his word against mine and lets get it right he asked me what plans we had if any to mate her....
I have my own ideas about breeding so whats wrong with that ? And at one time it may of worked and we may of been able to plan something.. But I still feel certain a dog with our name on it would not be whats wanted by him, turned around I wouldn't expect anything more than the payment of a puppy especially if I had already said NO to a partnership offered in the first place..... So to kick off 17 months later and now some 21 months later about what he/you expect is a bit unfair and its the way he/you do it all said and done, playing dirty and popping away on a public forum behind the key boards...... I know he/you phoned me the other day 3 times but then I had to wonder why not after 5.00 pm
To much water under the bridge now as I will never want to have anything to do with you again and I'm sure vice versa but at the end of the day the little bitch that this last fight is over is well taken care of, she isn't going to be a champion but I wouldn't swap her for the world and though he/you claim I breed to much but we covered that on BBO (No puppies bred in 2009) she will not be abused or taken advantage of and as I plan to mate Bea this year and keep one off Nell hopefully, it will be another year before we mate her anyway.....Would of thought that would be more important to some knowing a dog you bred is happy and loved rather than having some scratty fit because we don't see eye to eye on suitable studs (And that IS at the end of the day what this has all been about) but there you go you live and learn.

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