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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally up dates

Bea went for her eye screening for PHPV/HC and PPSCC and all is well there, she's looking very nice at the moment and just so pretty I really do need to get those pic's of her
Tag's French Champion lady gave birth to 7 healthy pup's and "Fame" Julians pretty bitch had 5 so Tag is having a great time and we wait on "Thelma" now..
I have now posted pic's of Sall and Children on Sall's page, Luna's kids are in up the News blog, will have to get a page especially for Luna but she can be seen on "Greatstaffs" web site and finally snow scenes with Tag and his friends on his page...Promised my brother will set up a page for Marley his 8 month old working Lab who has just got his Bronze Good Citizens award the clever boy him and is now doing his silver and did a 2 minute stay bless him, he is so lovely



Jane said...

Raefy's daddy is looking a hunk!

Tropla said...

He is isn't he just gets better and better
How is the Raify Boy ?

Jane said...

Raef is doing really well. Went to handling class on Monday and he was brilliant, stood well and strutted up the mat beautifully. Hope it wasn't a one off!!! He should be taking his Gold Good Citizens soon. Will let you know when he passes! x

Tropla said...

Please do as I will have to put it up on here for you as will be a proud Granny


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