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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thought I would come back on the subject of impression

The pic as I said depicts what I would regard as a good specimen of the breed, now apparently I have to touchy feel to confirm what I see is right that being if I was a judge and not a mere fancier...Is he to deep in the brisket are is hocks to long, should I try and measure his upper arm, has he to much in the way of flews , are his eyes set wide apart well I know they are as have other angles of the said dog, has he sufficient amount of stop like already mentioned why should he need any more....
I have watched many times over the years and thought "What the Hell "   the dogs got no bend of stifle or he looks like a Sausage dog or the front is awful and the dog wins the common factor usually being he has a good strong head and the judge hasn't a clue past the head..
Pic's can give false impressions also so would have to agree you need to see dogs in the flesh...I'm posting another pic and when I first saw it I thought the dog has been enjoying his dinner and for me maybe would benefit from some more tuck up but looking closer the dog is in good condition and to be fair his ass is buried in the snow....Does he look to have good conformation from the pic well again I cant see any exaggerations and all seems to balance nicely without me getting my imaginary ruler out to gauge it all
Would I say I am happy with these dogs more like thrilled to bits as we bred them, can we improve, improve for what I would have to ask, guess time will tell if in the next generations we get it right STILL

And a closer look

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