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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy, busy

And so want to update stuff seems like I'm doing 24/7 dogs at the moment..Doing the handling classes with Rosie and Co (Ruger) who is getting there finally , we had Ozzy come to see us a Tag son who is a handsome lad and will be out soon ....I must speak to Kanes Mum as they have had a lot go off recently and not all good for them at the moment.... Bea is now safely pregnant which is good news and we have adopted a Big Bear for the time being LOL he is a Tag and Sall son and he is a substance boy with a good head on him, more than we are accustomed to and to think he popped out of Sall as well.... But he is here until we line him up with a good home and through no fault of his own or owners really just circumstances being what they are and a lovely kind boy he is who has settled well and taking all in his stride and is lying at my feet now (OH where have I read that before LOL) farting his head off, as I gave him a bit of chicken tonight.
But have loads of pic's to add and may not get around to doing them all just now, plan to take some of Big Bear as well and Rosie as she is looking gorgeous plus met her brother at the weekend and can see his breeding in him so will try to get some pic's of him as well..
Want to put Johans Swedish beauties up as they are looking lovely so here they are


And Vilma

Plus Dexter (Sall and Tag boy) and friend Aawww

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