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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Had kind of held off

It didn't seem fitting to post whilst receiving the awful news about Buffy, I had actually posted pic's of her and the pup's but it didn't feel right so I removed them...I also aired a bit of frustration but I removed that at well as I got to thinking that I don't want people telling me they are happy with their lot and then moan and condemn what we do...If your so happy why criticize....So my aim is to do good vibes
When all those years ago we didn't set out to be a well known breeder if that's what we are and we didn't say right lets breed us a couple of Champions and some real nice dogs as we see it its been sheer luck anyway that we happen to purchase some good bitches and we did our best to compliment them. But maybe if your passionate about something sooner or later it has to come through for you, being persistent and consistent also and not losing sight of what you like

Well anyway we can't take a pat on the back for Sandstaff as Johan chose the sire for his now very awesome team and we figure it worked out very well
They had a marvelous weekend in Norway under 2 UK  Championship judges
so the team Sandstaff Banditen aka Zorro His sister Sandstaff Brittania aka Vilma and Mum GB CH SUCH Alport Spit Fire aka Sall
Won 3 CC's  2 BOB  1 RBOB  BIS-2 Junior  BIS-3 which is very very good LOL
Very pleased and cant wait till we go over in July where I will be judging puppies and a huge honour for me

Also a mention to Sall and Tag's kids Dexter,Raif, Abba and Daisy who were 2 years old yesterday

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