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Monday, June 7, 2010

Need to update

Ok first news Tilly had her puppies and we are more disappointed for the folk we will have to let down but delighted that we have 3 beautiful girl puppies and I am contacting folk now especially those that wanted a boy dog from us ....But I have been onto other folk and can pass some onto nice litters..The main thing being Tilly is amazing and has taken it all in her stride....To the point that today the Italian puppy had snook into the kitchen and there she was sitting in the box next to Tilly and her babies, Tilly not put out at all and will post pic's when their is something to see but at this moment they are all black blobs ...
With good news goes bad news and on the same day Tilly became the perfect Mum we had a call from Big Bears people and that's not working out...I've let off steam there but at the end of the day I am his breeder and I need to do right by the dog so that has to be sorted this week.
Had more good news as Zorro picked up another CC and had some wonderful pic's come through of Zorro and his brother Billy, which I will post
Buffy's pup's are doing really well with adopted Mum Mia and I have pic's which I will have to post 
But wanted to to tell a bit of a story as I need a bit of a laugh and at the time I was in stitches ....Nell has kind of taken over from Tag on the our air space patrol ...Tag's routine was to run to the bottom of the garden and look to the roof tops of the OAP's bungalows we have at the bottom of our garden...Mainly to one corner as most are obscured by Simon work shop and if a Pigeon or Crow was any where to be seen he would do his rutting dance and a deep bark and now Nell does the same and sometimes at night as well plus Rosie, Tilly and Italian Pup all race after her....As I mention her and she is actually going to live in Sicily so makes her Sicilian....But she is really lovely and keep trying for nice pic's but will have to post as she is so pretty.
So Saturday morning after I managed to hobble down stairs oh the joys of getting old, my knees are buggered after all those years of horse riding and running a motor cycle and getting out to horses through the winter, hence the memory foam bed and believe me I would kill for this bed ...And let me just say the list of ailments is endless and do I complain...So from head to toe well the wrinkles have taken over along with the grey but thank god for hair dye, I have a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, 1 lump on the back of my hand which if I catch it, it just kills , trigger finger and working down the body a now rotting womb part of the pleasure of being female and I wont mention any of the other bits OMG...Amazing flushes and brain freeze ....a dodgy hip after being booted by a nag 2 clicky knees , 1 funny anckle after landing on a railway track and I think that just about covers it....So my bed has to work
But my knees were set because I had Tilly between them all night and she was really restless plus we had the windows open and it sounded like the Hitchcock movie of The Birds when I finally got to sleep

So feeling a bit grumpy like you do I let out Nell followed by Rosie and the pup....As Madam Tilly was fast on upstairs still....We have a path going straight down the middle to the workshop and I was just about to take a slurp of my coffee and watch dogs through the window.....And on top of Simon's flat roof which took me a few seconds to work out what the hell it was as it looked like a bloody gargoyle as its head was down over the edge and Nell spotted it first so her tail up like a rudder and all of a quiver and a half deep bark as her head was right up in the air , then Rosie who's hair was up from her neck to her tail plus a ruff of fur on her tail the pup was oblivious at this point
So this Heron spots them coming and like an angel of death it spread its wings and Nell jammed on the brakes Rosie like dodgem car goes crashing into the back of her followed by the pup so all crashed nose to tail and up this Heron comes towards the house .....Nell and Rosie are scrambling to get a grip on the path and turn towards home and the pup is still dazed by it all...
By this time the look of fear on Nell and Rosie's face and half whimpers coming out to get to the house before it eats them and in they fly in the door and Rosie was high pitch at this point. Think Nell was trying to compose herself and trying not to look so scared but I was laughing so much that Simon came down to ask what the hell was going off...It set me up for the day

Anyway here is Billy brother to Zorro Mum Ch Alport Spit Fire and Dad is Ch Stormbull So Wot


And here is Zorro , this was an amazing litter


And this is the lovely Diza sister to Vilma , Selma , Zorro and Billy a bit WOW hey


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