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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well some how

We have nearly made a week by tomorrow, have mastered all 10 boobies with all 10 pup's latched on and Nells boobs are starting to resemble a pair of Marigold rubber gloves blown up....And I wouldn't of believed it possible, the milk flows and they are gaining big time now. They look lovely as well so really chuffed  
We are managing the other stuff as well, Prada puppy went for her bloods to be taken and has her flight booked  to go to Sunny Sydney and how I have pulled it all in I haven't a clue...
Bloody weather isn't helping as its been rain for days but they say the weekend is going to be ok ...Dogs love to be outside and its better for me as walking and getting wet as many times as I have this week gets into the bones but if I don't walk peanut brain she is bouncing off the walls and she is vocal as well so drives me scatty...Wish we could take Prada but we cant but she loves playing so we just have to wear her out before we set off
Have loads of pics again to post so will do that Saturday

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