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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Only got the PC back today and the virus we had had broke a link in the hard drives so its all been reformated ( Can I just ask folk to email me again like the South African guy as we have lost the email addresses ...Thanks )
What a ball ache downloading all the stuff you need and setting passwords again and I'm not the most patient when it comes to wanting it done
So I have sat back and pondered the last few days and read such comments as its heartless to let go of adults dogs and I could be rude but then we are not all reading and believing what we read to be the gospel and bloody Hallelujah for that hey...Sometimes maybe you read between the lines or read more into it than is actually there. Who gets the accolade for sitting back and watching from the ring side, who's breeding has the more influence...Well I will just say as whats expected from a Mad womens Diary .... Jammy because our name is on it.
And I will continue to post on here and I will enjoy it....I will carry on doing updates on Tilly, her children and the 10 waiting in the wings
I will post about all the dogs and how they are doing so you can swivel on your computer chair till your knackers are sore. As its a man gripe from what I can gather....With my wicked sense of humour I see certain persons swaying side to side whilst they look at the screen and lets be fair life is just to short to be angry and if the wind up is to much then ignore it LOL its real easy

Prada leaves us on Monday and we will be taking down to Heathrow and the next day will be a long one we havent worked out the time scale as yet but I think it will be Wednesday when she arrives in Sydney....I am inclined to think this is not an easy thing to do even if you have done it before and thankfully Prada is very forward and not bothered about anything, she was climbing the stairs and coming down them at 8 weeks old which was pretty astounding as usually they brave to go up them and then you have to go and fetch them down and when her sister came it was definitely double the trouble and my rug came off the worse LOL

And contrary to the belief of some if I could pile 5 in a caravan and roll up at a Land Rover event I would but we cant and this is the best Simon is going to be now as its 4 years down the road since he was diagnosed with the MS and he wants to do what he has been yearning to do for most of our married life I think...And I have no doubts he deserves to build himself a Land Rover and turn into a young boy again and race across the country side...So this is his time and he wants to share it with me so 3 dogs we can take and just about cope
But Prada or each of her 2 sisters I would of gladly kept and Tilly is in a better place and if I was this so called puppy peddler she would of stayed and would be bred again next year and the year after and the annoying thing most of all is I didnt let her go willy nilly and like Sall the life she has now is a better one

Now this could be Prada or Inka and they are really that much alike, think Inka's Mum will have to say

Nell's 10 Tinkers
Pic's to follow but I have lost my programme for cropping and altering my pic's so I am struggling a bit
They will be 3 weeks this week and are eating, the pic's I am posting is after their 1st meal as one by one I placed them in the linen basket and their is 10 in there. LOL...I just look still and think its amazing and Nell just sorts them so we have to rename her Super Nell and I will get some pic's of her as she is still looking good
The girls are proper girls and I can pick the 5 out easily as they are real pretty and the boys again 5 are more beefy but I'm going to have to come up with some names when it comes to taking pic's in a week or so and might choose currency just to give them pet names ....The kennel club names as need 20 we havent a clue yet how we will choose as its usually a block of names taken from aircraft or chillies and alike

Nell's 10

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Jane said...

Think it is Prada...x


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