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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prada Has Landed

We took her yesterday to Heathrow and like the last time I didn't like it one bit as they go in all waggly tailed and then are put in that wooden crate and I'm not sure why they have to be there 5 hours before they fly for God's Sake, so she flew at 10.00 pm and arrived just before 8.00 pm our time tonight and as I write we are waiting for the quarantine station to pick her up and 9 other animals and they are in a warm room waiting..
She will be absolutely knackered and no doubt dirty as their isn't much room in the crate for her to do her business and her owners will not see her probably till tomorrow so equally harrowing for them ....Then she will be in quarantine for 30 days WHY ? as a puppy she hasn't been any where other than to the vets and even then we sat her on our knee ....So the house training kind of goes out of the window I guess and now we will have to wait the 30 days in such a vital time of a puppies life ....But yep we could of said No but its not to you get to this bit that you wonder and yes it makes me a bit cranky I suppose ....
But needless to say this is a real posh life she goes into and just lovely folk waiting along with me for her to get out and be a much loved pet....Cant wait till they see her for the 1st time as she is so so pretty and will report back

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