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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tag is coming home

Been sorting out fetching him because as timing goes bloody Rosie peanut brain is having her 1st season at 11 months of age, knew she was backward LOL so as time goes on we have had to rethink it through...So yet again I get to take a little trip and Simon gets the raw deal of staying at home...But really I don't think he is bothered as he has his big project now in his workshop and I must say he is pretty ingenious at spreading small funds a long way and like wise me as well  for this trip...I have sussed the cheapest way to get there by flying from Birmingham and coming back the cheapest option again by train and ferry and then a train home the only downfall is I have to carry a plastic carrier which I can have in 2 halves with a strap and me a rucksack to suffice
As he has to go in a safe carrier on the ferry on the car deck but I can go and stand with him and its only 1 and half hours crossing....Just have to get the timing right now but I'm getting really good at this

Forgot I had these of him taken in July and he was 4 in August so still very much looking good

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