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Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm thinking about it

Yep its been a while but its always all or nothing as that what life is like....Been working way to much and believe me its not an easy job and think you have to be a bit of a hard nosed Cow like me to stick it LOL
Have so much to put on here and loads of updates so its going to take a bit of sorting out
In the mean time. HAVE A WONDERFUL 2011 FOLKS
Plan to do this today  and have some wonderful pic's again and lots of news

1 comment:

Renata Polet said...


my english is not goed in rigthing buth i hope you can reed dis.
my name is patrick polet friend from jan de jong.
we want to now if you have a pup left.

greets patrick en renata polet


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