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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The problem

With such a gap now I am bound to of forgot some news and someones loved Mutts....Debated loads if to mention as to why I have not felt like doing the blog, work has paid a big part especially doing 12 hour night shifts, also being annoyed and certain people....This has been my life for 20 years so its not some Willy Nilly hobby, make a few bucks and not give a shit and I certainly haven't turned my back on it like some people.
But you know its hard to please everyone and basically you just cant and as my old "Get on with it " attitude returns its a lets go for it time again
OK where to start do some nice bits first so had some fab pic's made with the Christmas feel and these 2 are just lovely
Hers the lovely Inka Tilly's daughter


And here is Cobra, Luna's son (Luna is sister to Tag and lives with my good friends at Greatstaff)

And here he is now at 6 months and is looking very good

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