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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crufts Oh Yeah

Will do pic's and stuff tomoz, but WOW I was a happy Bunny....Inka made the cut in puppy but went unplaced, will post her pic as we all said she looked awesome... Aldwych Tiger Lily, Ch Alport Fire Crackers daughter won her class, cant remember if it was Post Grad or Limit but looked stunning...... Little Beau Geste Rosie's Brother won Junior dog, have pic's of him as well and really looked and handled brilliantly.  Ruger Alport LockNLoad won Post Grad dog and was in tip top condition....Bertie Alport Fire Chief got 4th in Limit dog and was well chuffed as he handled great
All huge classes so long day and then Raif went into the KC good citizens award class and got 2nd and very professionally handled by Johan from Sandstaff who came to stay with us from Thursday
Loads of updates and pic's to post but as most of my body parts have given up and locked up LOL but the fingers are still working just about will post later as i am truly knackered

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