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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Just been doing a recap on events and this year so far, dare I say is bloody marvellous as far as the doggies are concerned...Having said that I've been quiet anyway with the combination of working and I don't talk about work so all I will say is count my blessings as for those I work with its Ground Hog day and it messes with your mind sometimes.
On the dog front I look but say little and just enjoy what's happening 
Cant believe its 2 years since we sent Sall to Sweden and Sandstaff has done all that they have achieved with her kids and I know folk say well its down to Spit Fire and still question her leaving us ...But without there enthusiasm, the time they put in and the cost it wouldn't of been possible and it certainly wouldn't of happened here....So we get a chance to live off all that for just breeding Sall (Ch Alport Spit Fire) and that will do for us.
Now bug bears being have we the right also to be chuffed to bits about Tilly(Cragails Braw Hizzie) who now lives in Sweden with Dexter her half brother....No we didn't breed her though her Dad is ours as in Tag and we owned her until her breeder decided we were no longer good enough to be her owners and no matter what we did it wasn't good enough which was made plain for all to see....And then we were still wrong to let her go but some you cant win
But the bug bear being there is no reason that her new owner and her puppy owners should suffer the consequence of her breeder and myself coming to logger heads and that they have more right to celebrate and enjoy what's been happening and no one should deny them that right
So I am going to post pic's of Tilly receiving her 2nd CC and 1 more and she will be a Champion and her 2 girls also as they have been winning left right and centre. So Inka (Alport Black Ink)here in the UK and her sister Prada (Alport Black Diamond) in Australia look bloody amazing as does Tilly...And here's the thing we are grateful for having had the opportunity to own Tilly and like it or not she is half our breeding as well, my only regret is the lack of trust on us breeding her as she would produce anyway as she has an out standing pedigree behind her. 
On the Tag front we had pic's come through from Gerard in France and have to say the daughters are just beautiful. The pup's they sent to Italy are in the lime light at the moment as well and are doing a fair bit of winning so will be posting pic's of them as well and Tag did good out there. He is enjoying his sunny days and spends hours out there with a ball or a stick if he can bring one home and we have had him carry ones nearly as big as him and managed to get them to the door step LOL ...He tried a car tyre the other day he found in a ditch took him a while to get it out of the ditch and then he found if her stepped through it he could make little steps ....But as we got further away from him he gave up and left it but I'm sure he will be trying again if its still where he left it ....I have taken a ball out of his mouth when he has been asleep and its bone dry along with his tongue so he is a charmer is our Tag ...Have some pics taken today of just messing in the garden and cant believe he will be 5 in August.
Now a few weeks ago we took them to the forest and they just were in awe Rosie was quivering and Nell was on a high and all 3 just tazzed here and there ....We took them to the stream which is really picturesque with little water falls and Tag was running flat out and he crashed over a branch , it actually stopped him dead in his tracks and he half yelped ....We checked him over as we suspected his groin area but later that night I noticed his sheath was swollen OMG just the thought so I had anti biotic still in so got him on those as thought if there is restriction around her dangler it could cause an urinary infection and had some pain killer so gave him that just for the swelling really....3 days on and all was better and if I had thought it was getting worse I would of been straight to the vets....I also noticed he had some scratches on his chest presuming from the branch as well but all healed up but this last few days he has developed a lump about the size of a penny its round, soft and moves about and its on his sternum so not sure if there is a connection with the injury or its something else...It hasn't changed but I am monitoring  it as it isn't bothering him at all but still a worry so will probably nip him to the vets next week and he is insured but I don't like lumps and bumps that I cant explain especially as he is my passion fruit
Right have pic's of all sorts, Luna's kids, Rugers pup's, Gus on Tusselstaff is a Daddy again so will put pic's all over the place ....Sall's pup's look lovely on Sandstaff ....Billy (Sandstaff Bold and Fearless) has had pup's on Balstaff and Celuna Staffords
I'm struggling now to remember stuff and my age is showing but will update as I go through pics
Tag and Nell
All 3
Peanut Brain

Made me laugh as the ball had already fallen off but she is a bit thick is our Rosie

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