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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To much to put up

Been working on getting on here and that much has happened so will post all over the place so need to look at all blogs . On the showing front I have some pic's with Judges some I would be inclined to ask there permission others I know will be OK and well 1 but only 1 I wouldn't be inclined to post on my blog anyway. Think the first time we spoke as such after years and years and he told me he probably should acknowledge Alport now as we had just made up the 2 champions....Dont ya just hate that but doesn't bother me the fact he doesn't have a clue who I am or what my values are and when you talk about how fickle the showing world is that just about sums it up for me.
Well it's been quite exciting and as I don't get to many shows I enjoy receiving the news, the fabulous Prada and Luke in Oz have been doing it again and in 1 day she got 2 CC's  so at 12 months of age she sits on 3 but its on a point system over there and she needs 100 points for her title of Champion so half way there now ...Think she will go all the way Alport Black Diamond

Also Sandstaff Bold and Fearless Aka Billy won his 2nd CC and BOB under UK judge John Scanlan so really chuffed and I am having problems loading pic's tonight as Blogger is playing up so cant do half of what i had planned to do...Bugger
But well done Philip who has Billy and well done to Ballstaff and Johan

Had some lovely ones from the recent shows with Inka, Raif and Ruger...Love this one of Jane and Inka

Glad I am managing to get some pic's on
....Johan in Sweden think as memory serves Zorro is sitting on 22 CC's so its the record over there and some feat as well and I love all the pic's coming in and have at least 3 pages on my photobucket to load which isn't bloody working so I am down loading them from my PC which takes longer.
Also love the play pic's  so Tilly and Dexter playing

And finally tonight as give up now Tilly's 3rd little girl Rosie who also is an absolute stunner


jellybean said...

Lovely pics of gorgeous dogs...
Ed has managed to get some lovely pics of Ruger, and I don't always have a face like thunder ...honest LOL :o)

tropla said...

LOL have the one's from 3 counties yet to put on ...But gave up last night as couldn't load from photobucket...Dont know why and when looking for tips seems a lot of bloggers ask but don't get any support so maybe blogging isn't that great after all LOL


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