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Friday, August 5, 2011


Quick updates and pic's to follow ...Early hours received a text that Alport Black Diamond in Australia is now a Champion ...Many congrats to Luke and family you have done us proud and big XXXXX to Prada
So and just worked it out 2 British Champions 2 International Champions and 3 International Grand Children Champions and could be waiting on more ...What a brag hey
Plus Peanut Brain Rosie is pregnant so today is a good day

OK Finally I am up and running but not sure if I like the new blogging as I just get used to it and they bloody change it again...Which for the likes of me sucks 
Whats been happening, well not a lot on the home front normal boring stuff....I have packed in the nasty sticks ....Cant believe it myself but I have as cant be doing with the face cracking any more and I don't know about lines mine are more like crevices so something had to give...A bit scared about the weight issue as I'm no light weight as it is, but I'm going to try to keep check of my diet and just push myself more to do stuff...Work doesn't help to be fair as a lot of the time I'm on my fat arse which I actually hate as I much prefer to be on the go...The night shifts are a killer so they are going to have to go eventually but 1 step at the time.
So as I am pushing for more exercise I'm not wasting it and we are getting Tag fit again ....Might do a couple of shows with him as well ....Bertie has a few more to go to as well. Plus I am planning a trip to Norway and Sweden with Dean somewhere in Oct between weaning at our end, a show and house/dog sitting...Think Johan plans a visit and later Luke is coming from OZ
We are counting the days down now on Rosie peanut Brain as she has the 25th and 29th due dates, don't know how many as such and will just wait and see. As long as she is OK

Right lots of pic's and I am also putting some walk about pic's in Rose's blog taken the other day

Just had news from Spain and had a couple of pic's ...Buffy's son and Siquem running for local government ....OH yeah so will put them in Sall's blog....But he does look all official LOL

First those wonderful pic's of Prada and her big days ...Her last show was pretty bloody amazing as over 300 entries and she took BIS and 2nd in group so that kind of underlines her championship status we think and doesn't she look amazing.

More from OZ this is  Ch Roada Teeside Lass the lovely Leanah she is sired by Bertie's brother Rukkus

Right more pics of the show in Sweden the one I was suppose to go to LOL and still trying to live down LOL anyway it looked another fabulous day and Sandstaff had a good day. And he got best bitch with Vilma which is fab under the lovely Audrey Hubery of Nozac
I would like to thank Gelena for allowing me to use these wonderful pic's  
This gorgeous pic of Vilma 

These are Tag's lovely kids in France

So more pic's as have Tag's kids in France and its just great for us now as we just sit here at home and these pic's arrive. I miss the showing a bit but the fact that it doesn't matter any more as we have planted the seeds and they have grown and flourished . Be it pets or show its lovely to know you have made a lot of people happy . It doesn't come without its dramas but on the whole I can live with that now and have absolutely no regrets at all ...A little wiser maybe but that's about it..So have more pics as well of Billy's puppies in Sweden, Bertie's son Paddy and friend and finally Abba and Solo's boys who are doing really well and doesn't seem like a year ago now since they were born.

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