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Monday, August 29, 2011

Reality check

Rosie gave birth to 3 little girls and had really thought she may have just 1 more in there but no and really could of done with a little boy for a lovely lady that was on board but pup's don't come to order unfortunately . Mum and pup's are doing great, Rose is a natural and hasn't shown any signs of being stressed at all. Bless her and 3 is so easy to rear so really pleased.
On the show front Inka had a good weekend and got a BOB and she seems to have settled down now so we tend to think good things ahead for her ....In Sweden Zorro picked up another CC making him a Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Champion and I have lost count on how many CC's he has but an amazing amount and a hell of an achievement for Sandstaff.
Now the reality check being how the hell does this work in life ....I am going for what known as a group interview next Monday, things at work have wound down and not enough hours for me now so I appear to be on the job hunt again....Problem now is, is getting past the 51 bit how do you sell yourself at 51 its bloody humiliating as if you said your age which I am glad that wasn't asked ....Even though it is claimed that legally they cant hold it against you ...LOL But you think of 51 to an interviewer of say 27 years of age and in this trade that I am looking at they are always young. They are going to think Granny and frumpy and I am not like that at all....I shall tart myself up with out going OTT I hope but this mind of mine is interesting...And I am still looking and asking questions and though sleeping on a 2 seater sofa for 4 nights did make me a bit stiff I am not past it just yet...I'm still quick thinking and have astute observation and I don't have to work at pleasing folk or remind myself of my manners....I love young people but life experiences count for a lot and being able to read people now that's the 1 and a lot of young people cant do that....But no point getting stressed about it I'm just frustrated that after years and years of making the decision that I preferred home life as oppose to a career that job insecurity should come and seek me out once again. I have never been able to sit and clock watch as such so an office job would suffocate me as the busier I am the better I function. And it will be an eye opener when I tell them what I have been doing for the past year and being attacked is part of my job description LOL

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