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Friday, October 14, 2011

Well what can I say

LOL this one will throw ya....My latest brain feed
But how has been going . First I wanted to say how sorry I was to Greatstaff on losing Cobra as he was only 15 months old and Uncle Tag went through a moment of frightening me and a stay at the vets for a day so really feel Cobra's people.
Not sure where to begin, the girls are doing fine and I am posting pic's of them and they are just so gorgeous....Tag is fine now and just so relieved and been busy, busy. Have my job sorted so really pleased more hours and can come home during my break so perfect.
Zorro is now an International Champion and Tilly is defo carrying pup's so look forward to seeing them.
I have a trip that I am trying to arrange and maybe might extend the time on it as have to sort out my start dates and such like with the job. So would love to drop in and see Tilly and the pup's as well and then to Norway to spend time with lovely folk Greatstaff.
Had lots of news Via France that Falco may have some babes on the way and joined friends with Ely's people on Facebook so have some pic's of her and she is so beautiful. Great to hear from Vincent and Baptiste and had some pic's from Julian as well.
Latest News well ..........Ruger as in Alport Locknload got the RCC last Saturday under Jayne Winrow (Jayneze) so was thrilled to bits for his owners Ish and Jane and then his son Eclypstaff Rude Boy Aka Bob got best puppy so pic's in a mo but was really a lovely day...Beau as in Little Beau Geste got 2nd in yearling dog and a good class.
And previous week Raif , Alport Tornado got 1st on post grad under Gary Hinsley so mega chuffed as his 3rd year for qualifying for Crufts and he always does a splendid show and is so easy happy boy just like his Dad Tag. Inka had a good as well so photos added and she is looking mighty fine and is starting to bloom
Right pic's

So Ruger and his son above .....Well over the moon I was and lost my voice for screaming LOL Photo's by Bev Harrison of the SBT Annual
Now for the girlies....Photos kindly taken by Jajca staffords Ann-Marie and Jim

Now the latest ones

 Oh they melt your heart and talking of which....The wonderful Inka and proud owner Jane

And another heart breaker
The lovely Ely

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