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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Have my regulars

Pup's are coming on really well ....Noisy little shits mind so thank God there is only 3 will be taking more pic's today as now 4 weeks old but these were taken at 3 and half

Check my stats maybe every other day and some return on a regular basis but you in Mountain View, California are on the verge of stalking...So hey are you going to have the gumption to say who the hell you are or what....I did think of blocking you but I cant be arsed and what ever rock's your boat I guess.
So when my stats start to drop I do a mad upload LOL no really its just ....Well I don't know to be honest, don't know how I feel about the world of Staffords presently and I should be on a high I really should
So will say why but its isn't a personal Whoopee Doo its more I am so pleased for the folk who have dedicated their time and effort to achieve what they are doing at the moment
So a couple of Weekends ago as we are all on bloody Facebook news starts filtering in

Heard from Luke early hours as in text message.....Sat Prada got the RCC under Paul Martin... UK and Sun she had the CC, BOB under Martin Murphy... Ireland so massive congrats to Luke

Then also got news via texts that Billy Sandstaff Bold and Fearless had been made a champion and Vilma took the CC and BOB Will have to chase up this judges name ....Looks a cool dude anyway and someone you can have a laugh with.

Then on Facebook also got news from Sweden again that Rosie and Beau's baby brother Paddy aged 10 months took the RCC and his owners were over the moon as it was only his 2nd show

Then again got more news that Tilly..... Cragails Braw Hizzie had also become a champion for Johan and Maria and not forgetting she lives with Dexter people so a big well done to them for keeping her in good condition especially as she maybe in pup to Ch Lackyle Diabhal Og

And finally but not least a big congrats to Tag's kids Falco Fight Club Guerriers Pacifiques bred by the the Gerrard Kennel on here ...Well Falco and his stunning sister Fangorn and I don't know her show name got the CC's under Mrs Lesley Mc Fadyen which was amazing

So chuffed is not the word so in 1 weekend thats 6 CC's and 2 RCC's so Sall.... Ch Alport Spit Fire is Mother to 4 Champions...... Tag....Alport Hurricane is Dad to 2 Champions and Bertie ....Alport Fire Chief and his Mrs ...Molly....Alport Truly Scrumptious now have a pup on a RCC so cant be bad hey
Now I have put pic's of the pup's in the litter section and some more on Sall's page plus some in Deb's funny bits stlen from a funny guy off Facebook

OK have a few more pic's to up load...These are of Eve and she again is Tag's daughter in France and her Mum is Daisy Des Guerriers Pacifiques who is by Ch Leger King Gambit by Ramblix
And Eve is looking beautiful have to say....Think she is just over a year old now or maybe a bit older

And here are some of my home favourites Raif and Inka playing....Love these...And big congrats to Raif getting 1st in PG dog last week so will be going to Crufts again for the 3rd time and he is looking great at the mo

 Now last weekend Holly  (From Nell's 10 so litter sister to Jilly)  and Ozz came to see us and she is a bit of a live wire this one so managed to get a couple of pic's from the 20 odd that we took and weren't blurred LOL But just over a year old now and looking really nice so very pleased with her ....Ozz has been poorly with a sicky thing going on was just over it and has started again .....So a bit of a slim Jim so didn't think it was fair to take pic's of him when he isn't at his best ....But he 's a lovely boy bless him

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