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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well indeed

Yeah been ages and ages and have had some funny questions posed as to why I haven't been doing my blog..Nice to know folk notice mind but plain and simple just to bloody knackered with now working full time, and guess what nothing has changed at home so much as to say I still do the same stuff. Granted I do get some help but the chores are still the bloody same and just today after Rosie kindly helped herself to the Baby Oil and tipped it all over the few carpets I have upstairs she and Tag then decided to lick it up....So later this afternoon after we had been out Tag and her were making very rude sounds which they were most intrigued about and were licking their butt holes so it wasn't till I noticed the wet splats that I realised they were now squirting baby oil from their butts so just extra work LOL
But have loads to cover and cant see me finishing it all tonight so will go back to November as had my fab trip to Sweden and Norway so will work my way through with pic's
So arrived in Gothenburg on the Thursday to spend time with Johan, Maria and Bump I decided that the bump was a little girl and was delighted when she made an appearance on the 27th Dec 2011 baby Alice Bless her
Anyway it was lovely for me to catch up on the dogs and Tilly was there with her 2 babes Debbie and Dallas and we have done the jokes about Debbie does Dallas LOL but stunning puppies by Ch Lackyle Diabhal Og and they can be viewed on Sandstaff site
Now will try to work as a bit of a story as we go along but here is a couple of pic's taken at the famous park with its Christmas lights and Market it was truly spectacular and the way they wrap lights on a tree from the bottom of the trunk along each branch...I cant even begin to imagine how long it takes them to do just one tree

Will return over the week updating ...

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