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Monday, May 28, 2012

Still alive and kicking

I know its been way to long, that long I cant bloody remember half of what's happened LOL
So I was in Sweden and now have to skip forward Johan came over to us for Crufts and bought the lovely Vilma with him, I think he had a nice time though Crufts was a bit of a wash out for us...So have some pic's of our trip out to Alport and caught up with some old friends up there which was lovely and I imagine for Johan it was something to see building over 400 years old and our friends house is amazing stone stair case the lot.
Prada had babies with Ch Tillcarr Pyrotechnic which I will post pic's of and Tilly her Mum also and her 2 pup's  to Ch Lackyle Diablo Og
In March also we had Thomas and his beautiful Tag daughter come over to stay from France and had a mating with Bertie she had 4 babies but they lost one. Another of Tag's daughters Fangorn in France had babies to Ch Rotherstaff Black Tie and they look real nice as well. And finally Ch Alport Tiger Moth had 3 beautiful girls with a French INT CH Multi CH Dalahkani Des Terres D Ármor bit of a big title there and he is a very handsome dude.
caught up with some more of Tag's kids FAME TINA TURNER and her brother Famous Marvin Hagler Tina got the RCC at the world dog show this year and I'm sure she is 1 off being a champion. Plus seen E'Aaron Des Guerriers Pacifiques and finally Fish And Chips De La Vauxoise aka Fabio who is also Tag's son.
In the mean time Johan has been showing Selma sister to Vilma, Billy and Zorro and she needs 1 more CC and she will be a champion so that will be 4 out of the same litter from our Sall and Ch Stormbull So Wot really amazing.
And I couldn't write without mentioning my good friends in Norway Greatstaff who put up with me for 5 days and had the opportunity to catch up with the grand kids as well, they also now have a lovely young boy from Spain.
Things here well bloody hell I cant complain we have seen Roxy Alport Miss euphoria be shown twice and receive RBB and BPIS and then another Best Puppy in 2 shows but she is a real beauty and will be catching up with her 2 sisters shortly on the show scene.
Inka is still doing well and Raif also gaining his stud book number and just turned 4 which is hard for me to believe as time just flies, Ruger just gets better and better IMO.
Home life we also had a visit from Luke and friends from Australia and will post pic's
So lots of pic's to keep me busy posting on here
Finally we now have Brooke she is full sister to Rosie peanut Brain and she is a little darling settled like she has always been here and I am pleased to say now pregnant to the lovely Derek Ch Tillcarr Renegade Flame as he worked so awesome with peanut how could we not.
Oh and before I forget we will have the French invasion again in July coming over for the the shows N&DDSBTC Champ show and the PSBTC Champ show so really look for ward to seeing my good friend Vincent again.
Right will post this with pic's all being well
 Good isn't it, well chuffed
So from Sweden
 Dallas Tilly's boy
Dexter Sall and Tag

From Australia Miss Prada

To her sister Inka

 Love this one LOL poor Raif underneath

Pretty Inka

Will have to start a new page folk as still more to come see if I can add more 
Abba's bubs and so sweet 

See what else I can add LOL
 Bertie now
 Beau his son
And his latest son bruv to Peanut, Brooke who we still have to get some pic's of and Beau still needs a home this little gorgeous chap
Lets keep going 
 This is Roxy Peanut and Del's daughter isn't she gorgeous
 This is Archie Bea and Bertie's boy absolutely fab but no longer with all his tackle, such a shame
 This lovely ladyis Great grand daughter to Ch Alport Fire Cracker and grand daughter to our Nell
 This is Eve in France sticking her tongue out but I love it
 Falco and Bonnie Bubbas
 Falco kids again
 Jilly now from Nells 10 puppies and soon to be a Mum herself in Sweden to Billy
 Mia who is sister to Roxy
 And Roxy and Mia's Mummy ....LOL Peanut Brain Rosie taken a couple of weeks ago in real stack pose OMG
 Roxy a few months ago
 And her again she is so stunning
And the very handsome Ruger love this boy

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