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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My its been busy

As mentioned in my last posts we have 9 puppies OMG and were 6 weeks today, the good news is they are now out in the garden so burning themselves out big time so are sleeping like babies just now. On the whole they have been really good and we sleep to our normal time and they are often asleep still when I come down..And straight outside for their business and back in for breakfast. Much easier to have puppies in the summer months. But I hasten to add as long as its isnt raining LOL
So all my time is taken up with them and I become quite anti social, though jammy as it seems we didn't really need 9 as the hardest part is the selling them, though have people who are easy as they know the show scene and could of sold them 3 times over abroad but its the idea of keeping them for those extra weeks until they can have the rabies and then a further 21 days after. People it's double the time so sorry you pay for that privilege as no way am I keeping puppies for 13/14 weeks and then selling them for the normal price we get over here. So like I said this is the hardest part now as do you say to much or to little and I never make folk jump through hoops to buy one off us. And I will suss them on meeting them as phone calls are deceiving but I can honestly say I would rather keep picking up puppy pooh than go through the hassle of selling them. So that said we will be taking time out from now on and we have put enough out there for maybe folk to be a bit sick of us LOL. Its been a wonderful ride but not without its drama sometimes and we are not getting any younger so have loads to do still.
 Don't think I will ever turn my back on the Staffords and the show world as on the whole its been pretty good to us but just need time away to get some other projects off the ground because I do feel time is running out and I just hate the "If only" bit LOL.
Have a fair bit to report on the dog front but guess pic's of the pup's is the best thing to get on here and we do have a dog pup still and a couple of the bitch puppies to home so contact us and we can take it from there. Tel us on 01332 872 432 if I don't answer leave me a message so I can contact you
Saw the produce of Bertie and Eve and taking into account Eve is daughter to our Tag and Bertie is half brother to Tag all I can say is bloody WOW bring it on so here is a picture of one of the pup's belonging to Thomas and I must put his link on here

 Isn't he just gorgeous

And now our pup's

We are so pleased with them not one ugly duckling amongst them so once again Ch Tillcarr Renegade Flame has done us proud and clicked so wonderfully with our girls ....Yes that is Mummy Brooke and what a clever girl she is and not a big girl herself but done the perfect job of rearing these 9.
Today later I will try to do them all individually LOL not an easy task and will post them

Finally but not least as need to go to bed LOL but do have Rosie pic's and Beau so will try for a family album
Puppies breeding is here

May need to copy and paste as I'm not very good with this linking stuff
Last pic of the night/morning

This Tag and Dora's boy in France and what a stunner he is as well

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