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Monday, August 20, 2012

100% Pooh Patrol

Ok I might seem a bit OCD here but we have about a 3rd of a bag left of nappy sacks this being my 3rd bag and 300 in a bag so work it out and about 20 packs of Huggies baby wipes. Pup's are going and we are down to 5 only the 2 dogs to sort as trying to decide between them which will be favourable for the show world as such. And as usual and as to why I panic I don't know as we could of sold 4 more girl puppies at least, again had some smashing people come through and 1 girlie going to France to live with Falco Tag's son and maybe a dog pup off to Holland...I've had to let some folk down as well as I just cant keep a load of puppies for abroad what with the rabies inoculation its just to much for me to cope with.
Have some wonderful pic's to put on and had news at the weekend that Johan in Sweden has now made Sandstaff Bling Bling a Champion as well so our Sall (GB & SK CH Alport Spit Fire) and Tyler (CH Stormbull So Wot) have produced 4 champs from one litter and  2 of which are  International Champions.
And had a pic of Sall's other daughter Sandstaff Castle Rose who looks stunning.

So will begin with the Italian girl Alport Tyne Pride who looks fantastic and right up my street as they say, just a gorgeous girl Her Mum is Bea (Canned Heat) who is by Alport Latino Heat and we mated Bea to Bertie Alport Fire Chief  and our Nell is Mother to Bertie and Latino Heat.

So then had some pic's of Prada ( CH Alport Black Diamond) and her stunning Children and just amazing


                  This her son and daughter

Pic's now Of Selma CH Sandstaff Bling Bling picking up her finall CC to make her a Champion

 Above Renee Alport Miss Serenity
 Above Roxy Alport Miss Euphoria
 These are Beau Peanut and Brooke's Bruv
 And here are the babes

Finally tonight some random ones of the pup's and next time the French Grand Kids and the Swedish Grand kids plus my favourites

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