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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yes I'm still in the STAFFORDS

Long time no write or post LOL well here we go . Will start from now and work back and it was the timing it as didn't want to look like I was promoting so as I didn't get placed today at the 1st champ show of the year. Perfect for me to start, the end of last Oct SANDSTAFF BOLD AND FEARLESS came to ALPORT yayyy. We spent 14.5 hours driving mind to have him here as we had to drop Tag (Alport Hurricane) in France LOL so down to the Euro Tunnel and through to Calais to meet Brigitte Vidon ( Delavaux Staffords) and her daughter Aurelie Vidon as Tag would be living with Aurelie. Tag being Tag has settled well at home and now is a companion to a cat as well which has blown me away as we have never owned cats at all. But he is a good boy and adapts like this wonderful breed can.
So back across or should I say under the water which is very freaky back to the UK and then up the coast to Harwich to meet Billy coming in from Holland and then finally home, what a killer for poor Simon and me and Billy having to get to know us and pick up on English pretty quick. But just like Tag he has settled well and is a real pleasure to live with...He whines a bit when he wants something but he is so well behaved and great to take out I shall miss him when he has to go back ...
Oh yeah showing him LOL he didn't make the cut to qualify for Crufts as we only had 1 champ show left but he went onto winning BIS a couple weeks later at the East Mids Staffordshire Bull Terrier club under a US judge Chris Jacksic
May we just thank Johan, Jenny and Philip Ost for allowing Billy to come and stay with us
Billy did the Alyn and Deeside Open show a couple of weeks ago and got RBIS under Craig Scanlan so we were very pleased, just need him to get placed at a champ show now and I really enjoy showing him as he is very like his Mum and easy to do, moves well just like she did, though have to add Manchester champ show ring was way to small and could not get a good run at it as the time he was gliding we had to pull up. So not impressed and had a hard reminder of how competitive it all is as nearly had someone's fat arse in my face as they had moved forward, so a form of blocking, I had forgot about all the tricks so will be a bit more wised up next time I go.  

Some more pic's of Billy

Now for Tag in France LOL wait for it 

Yes with live stock bless him

Ok found some pic's and boy I have loads to do on this blog, we had 9 puppies by the way from Brooke so have all them to post. Tag's son in France made a Champion  so thats 4 champion children he has now, have all the updates on the French kids, Abba's kids, Roxy and Renee...Inka, Raif and Prada ....Beau hopefully will be a Daddy soon and Rosie is in Holland and pregnant to Billy....Gus had some lovely kids with Lackyle and Prada's baby girl Monroe has just become a Champion. Rugers Kids are doing well and Sall and Nell are now 9....So massive amounts of pic's to put on . Been so busy with working its just been a question of getting to it but I will from now on, famous last words

Sall aged 9 and WOW she looks wonderful ...Nell is more grey , like 50 shades more grey LOL

Vilma and Johan at Alport

Vilma thought it was great and a little bit more history made as its where it all began for us

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dawny said...

love looking at your pics Deb - Tag bless him !!


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