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Friday, March 13, 2009

Wrong section again

OK Updates

Went to Crufts and generally had a nice day of sorts didn't do anything so will have to live on the memory of when Alport Tour De Force got 2nd in Junior in 2002 WOW just taking the piss a bit as really its just another show all said and done.....Accept you cant leave when you want to and that's the killer for me and I was getting quite agitated to find you have to walk about half a mile to get your dogs out on some grass as neither of mine will pee on saw dust....From what I saw some poor dogs got stuck in the cage for most of the day and owners no where to be seen but that's there choice to me I just think it may suit to have machine dogs that they could switch on and off so they can go off and do there social thing all day, not really a gripe more a fact but some don't like the plain facts...And I made the choice to go at the end of the day but I stayed with my dogs for most of it...
Ok to put rumours to bed SO MY BLOG IS STUPID well don't come on and look at it, its that simple and I don't give a flying frig what you think you immature person and I am being very civilized here.....
It's being said that we are getting RID of Nell as well, news to me and RID is a bit harsh as I wouldn't call 2 years of weighing it up suddenly falls under getting RID you Ass Hole's how dare you judge me ( Linked to Sall going to live in Sweden in an older post called The Dark Side)
Finally No we have never had eye rims or bad skin issues and I have never hid the fact whilst Sall is in season she goes itchy and after she has had a litter her coats is thin for some time, link being I have banged on about how many dogs we are now seeing with eye rims and see through muzzles....very petty isn't it all I can say is why your popping away at me your leaving some other poor Bugger alone and actually I find it quite amusing

So on that I will end this post LOL

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