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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm sticking to the nice things in life

Having read on a certain forum all the slander, speculations and just sheer bitch fest, I'm keeping out of it I cant fathom why the human race loves scandal from the comfort of there PC, they can sit there and read the shite being dished and then go to bed and never give it another thought...If you break a valuable ornament and depending how you feel you might try to painstakingly fix it yourself or you might pay to have it fixed but you know it can never be the same no matter how good a job,whats done is done and cant be undone so if you dicect a persons life and add all manner of verbal shite that person is then stuck with the stigma of the doubters, the busy bodies that like all the sordid details as long as it isnt aimed at them hey..Sometimes I am quite ashamed to be human and realise that modern witch hunts still take place.....And the thing I dont get is real trauma and real suffering happens every second of every day and we find some saga going off on a forum more forfilling.....I travel on buses a fair bit and I actually find it quite interesting watching folk get on and off, how folk always smile at a baby but never look at the person next to them or feel uncomfortable if someone try's to strike up a conversation with them, how even when someone sits next to you or you have to sit next to them, each trying not to have any body contact....The idea of one's own space around strangers I find it qiute amusing and sometimes you see things that stick in your mind...A little bit of amazement and a reminder of how some people have far more to deal with in life...A Mother and her two boys got on the bus and the oldest was probably about 7 and the first thing you see is he has a white strap around his throat that enables him to speak, you can see the scarring of the previous hole in his neck and his head shape isnt quite right and he looks a bit as if he has a stiff neck, he sat opposite me and smiled a crooked smile and even had a bit of an off line eye, he had misshaped cheek bone and what looked liked skin grafting over his cheek and then I realised on the same side there was no ear and where his ear should of been was just blank and then it dawned on me. This lovely little lad had been born with half his face out of place and his ear had been on his cheek and presuming this must of effected his voice box and all details that I cant even imagine, so he had obviously undergone reconstructive surgery and more than likely several times in his short life , one you have to admire the doctors who can make this little boy look more acceptable to us horrible human beings and two here he was smiling at me so I leaned over and said "I'm sure you already know this but your a very special little boy" but I waited to say it just before I had to get off and his Mum looked so proud....

1 comment:

jellybean said...

Its people like that little boy that make you realise whats really important.


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