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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello got some time for a change

Been trying to catch up on the doggie front so where was I ....We went to that show and Nell got a 2nd only 3 in the class but was really chuffed and she seem to enjoy it..Then we booked her in to be spayed and I was told about another Vets operating from Burton On Trent called Easipet Care they also operate from kettering....Was all ready to give the vet a hard time as taking into account the last time I took a bitch in to be spayed she came home and was dead by 11.30 pm. This was 5 years ago now but I still beat myself up over it...We went to collect her and he bought her to us unconscious, her breathing was short and rapid and her pallor was completely white and for those who have not seen this the gums are white and the eye rims also and its quite a shock, my instincts were screaming at me so I asked if she was ok....Yes he said she is still very groggy as she didn't take the anesthetic to well and she was sick but I have cleaned her up...Take her home and keep her warm and any problems ring me
You see like with all bad experiences you don't forget what was said and what we should of done is take her to another vets straight away but even then I think it might of been to late as what we didn't know was that she was actually dieing right before our eyes ...I did ring him that night but to give him a right gob full of abuse and next day we went to another vets with help from my good friend Steve Swift from Longdrive Staffords and we arranged to have an autopsy done ....We had to take her to Leeds in a black bin liner packed with ice and it was absolutely awful and I cried at the vets and for most of the way to Leeds and back home again.
The result of that was her trachea had filled along with her lungs with froth and fluid and at this point it was inconclusive as to why she died ....Yeah right
She died because she was either sick during the operation or as she came round and because this Arse hole operated on his own she inhaled the sick into her lungs which turned into what they call a peracute Pneumonia. Which basically means she was being drowned, terrible isn't it and no vet wanted to explain the findings from the autopsy to me. I had to find out myself
I did battle with RCVS for 4 months and I had to pack up as it was making me ill...The vet in question a Mr Aldridge who has his practice at Draycott Derbyshire is still in business and no doubt still kills peoples pets.
So a bit of a horrible story and something you don't quite come to terms with but that's life hey.
So like I said I was already to give this vet a hard time but he turned out to be way to good looking and way to nice and they were really good and explained everything to us ...The price was nearly half the price of the vets around us and picking Nell back up was such a relief as she came toddling out to us all waggy tailed so a big thumbs up for these vets and I just wish they would open a practice around here to put our rip off vets in this area to shame.
Will just post this and go for a soak and will be back to upload some pic's and more news

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